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Portable Satellite Uplink Systems for First Responders

Disaster Recovery & Emergency Services

tennessee_floods_web.jpgWhen floods, winds, fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks or other disasters destroy crucial terrestrial phone and data lines and cellular networks, SATELLITE IS YOUR LIFELINE.


Satellite communications can restore data center communications, support first responder communications, send video of the disaster scene, coordinate logistics from a forward command center or provide voice and internet access for public assistance applications.


On Call Communications brings you 17 years of experience helping first responders, corporations, public safety officials and government agencies choose the right portable satellite uplink system to meet your voice, data, video and networking needs in a mission critical environment.

police, fire and other government agencies rely on QuickSPOT for emergency communications servicesHow well developed is your emergency response communications plan? Could you respond in 10 minutes? 30 minutes? One hour? 1 day?

Emergency Services - Prepare in Advance. Respond in Minutes.


Lives are at stake. Rescue crews need to spring into action and supplies are desperately needed. Damage assessment and logistics coordination are critical in the first minutes and hours of a disaster situation. Developing a response plan to meet those needs immediately makes a tremendous difference in success of the response.


On Call Communications is your Partner in Disaster Response

Planning Before, During and After an Emergency Event.

Each project is unique;the On Call Communications Engineering team goes beyond just satellite antennas and bandwidth to help you put everything together into an integrated emergency response plan. Disaster Response is an ongoing process, not a single day meeting or an equipment purchase. The team listens to your needs, analyzes existing systems and works with you to develop a cost effective plan to deliver the communications you need quickly and efficiently. We are with you throughout the entire process: developing a plan, implementing it, training, providing technical support during an event and conducting a post event analysis to pinpoint success and areas of improvement.

What should you expect when you work with us?


You should anticipate a collaborative approach to designing your solution. We promise not to try to stuff your project into a one size fits all solution. You should be prepared to answer lots of questions about your needs and goals and we are prepared to answer lots of questions from you too.


What are some elements of a well designed emergency response plan that we'll help you consider? For example:fema_recovery_ctr_sml.jpg

  • How many simultaneous users do you anticipate on the system?
  • What types of communications do you need to manage?
  • What kind of fixed or portable satellite antenna is best for you ?
  • What are your growth plans?
  • How much training and testing time are appropriate for your staff?
  • Will you have multiple locations that need to talk to each other directly?
  • What software applications/intranet applications do you need to run?
  • How technically savvy will the operator be in an emergency situation?
  • What are your budget considerations?
  • Is dedicated bandwidth critical to your mission success?

Throughout the consultation process we'll help you select:

portable, easy to assemble fly and drive designs are ideal for emergency response

Fixed or Portable Satellite Antennas

QuickSPOT mobile antenna systems are an ideal solution for rapid deployments. React quickly to events with a system easily operated by non-technical personnel. Mobile terminals can be stored safely indoors during storms or other events and then deployed in minutes to nearly any location when they are needed. Available in Fly-Away , Fly and Drive or Vehicle Mount designs and a variety of sizes and formats, QuickSPOT accommodates most any circumstance.


Fixed satellite antennas are ideal for hot standby backup systems or communications centers. Always ready and an excellent option for situations when a headquarters site may need to communicate directly with other remote terminals.


QuickSPOT systems are designed to be user friendly and easily operable by non-technical personnel. Satellite baseband and auxiliary equipment is pre-configured and mounted in ruggedized shock mount cases designed for easy transport and quick deployment. This puts you in control of communications links that you can establish within minutes of arrival on scene.

Dedicated Satellite Bandwidth Service

Bandwidth OnDemand

The incidents where communications are most critical occur without warning. OnDemand bandwidth provides the communications links you need immediately upon system deployment with no need to call ahead for service. Flexible billing plans let you purchase dedicated space by the minute, day, week or month with no minimum commitment and without expensive monthly service fees.

Scheduled or Reservation Bandwidth Plans

Yes, you can reserve bandwidth in advance. Tell us what you need and we can work with you to tailor a bandwidth plan for your organization.

Mobile Command Centers & Custom Communications TrucksQspot5_monitors.jpg_Small.jpg

On Call works with many leading custom vehicle contractors to integrate QuickSPOT mobile antenna systems into complete command center units. Professional installations and efficient designs are easy to use. Please ask for referrals.

Some of the applications you can support from the field include:

  • Telephone lines - create an off premises extension of your home office system or connect to the public switched network.
  • Internet Access - fast connections to the corporate network, web browsing, email & more
  • Secured Private Networks - providing VPN service to your headquarters facility
  • Webstreaming Video - webcast video in standard IP formats for viewing by offsite personnel
  • File Transfer - data can be stored and transmitted in batches saving bandwidth.
  • Mobile office - give field teams the communications systems they need to coordinate all their activities.
  • Video Conferencing - meet face to face with field teams
  • Public communications access - create communications centers where users can complete online assistance forms or call loved ones

Earth Station, Terrestrial Connections and Hub Services

Satellite communications are only part of the overall picture. For larger networks we can help source terrestrial private line connections, earth station services, network hub services, equipment co-location and other IT Services. We have access to satellite earth stations and fiber connectivity around the world.


Video conference over satellite How will you use QuickSPOT?

  • Network restoration
  • Corporate communications continuity
  • Short term communications at construction sites
  • Mobile offices
  • Mobile Command Centers
  • Press pool communications
  • Emergency response
  • Restoration of cellular towers

support customer service portable satellite uplink 24/7 Technical Support for your Emergency Satellite Uplink

Excellent customer support services are critical to the success of any communications plan. On Call provides training and technical support on all components we provide in QuickSPOT systems. We coordinate all the communications and technical activities related to hardware and space segment giving you a single point of contact for all technical needs.

WEAU-TV (Eau Claire, WI) Showcases their new QuickSPOT system to SBE Chapter December-16-2013 December-16-2013

Society of Broadcast Engineers Picnic featuring QuickSPOT SNG satellite system
On September 3rd, Todd Ritchie and Ron Viste of WEAU (Eau Claire, WI) hosted Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Chapter 112 of Western Wisconsin for their annual steak picnic, which provided a great opportunity for the station to showcase their new QuickSPOT vehicle.  

Tim Jackson from On Call Communications was on hand to describe the system and provide an overview of the On Call QuickSPOT product, which greatly simplifies the process and increases affordability for satellite news gathering.  SBE members representing other stations from the LaCrosse/Eau Claire DMA were able to see for the first time how a hybrid TVU/satellite on-demand system can increase news coverage capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a traditional satellite news gathering vehicle.Get reliable, dedicated  high speed satellite Internet uplinks anywhere with QuickSPOT  

“We are thrilled to have recently rolled out our new QuickSPOT vehicle and look forward to getting our news crews comfortable with the simplicity and flexibility of the hybrid TVU/satellite system.  We are the only station in the market that won’t be limited by cellular and microwave limitations,” says Ron Viste of WEAU.  

Society Broadcast Engineers learns how to use their bonded cellular backpack over an IP satellite linkOn Call’s Tim Jackson states, “we were pleased to be part of SBE Chapter 112’s meeting and to show others in the market the features, benefits and simplicity of the QuickSPOT system.  We’re proud to support WEAU as the market leader in the LaCrosse-Eau Claire market as they greatly expand their newsgathering capabilities.”

On Call Supports CBS News Teams Live in Haiti Using QuickSPOT Satellite News Gathering Systems June-15-2010

On Call Communications sprung into action again in support of CBS News in Haiti providing live and taped video feeds, internet access and phone lines for their news teams covering the earthquake using the QuickSPOT satellite news gathering system.


 CBS News In Haiti uses QuickSPOT satellite news gathering system



On Call used the very portable QuickSPOT 96 centimeter fly and drive satellite news gathering antenna to establish a high speed internet pipe which CBS News crews used for their video and communications needs. The system transmitted both live and edited standard definition MPEG-4 video feeds for the producers in addition to establishing a mobile office complete with direct dial in/out phone lines and wireless internet access for email, web browsing and corporate communications .