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December 6, 2006
UDcast, On Call and Intelsat Provide High Performance Disaster Recovery Satellite Communications System for U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency

OnSPOT Emergency Response System ensures high security and high performance in difficult ad-hoc networking conditions so response teams can concentrate on the immediate needs of their communities

Sophia-antipolis, France, ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. and BETHESDA, MD - (December 6, 2006) - To ensure performance and security of mission critical communications services in extreme situations, leading satellite system suppliers UDcast, On Call Communications and Intelsat announced today that they are providing the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with high performance disaster recovery communications systems.


The OnSPOTTM Emergency Response System gives public safety agencies valuable communications services that set up easily in a matter of minutes so response teams can concentrate on the immediate needs of their communities. OnSPOT comprises automatically deployable (auto-acquisition, auto-deploy) satellite antennas mounted on light vehicles, that also host the complete set of electronic equipment.


To meet FEMA's needs for satellite communications and video capability, On Call has provided FEMA with 70 OnSPOT units including telephone, fax and data capabilities for their Mobile Disaster Recovery Centers and Mobile Emergency Response Units. FEMA has contracted On Call to provide 25 additional units for the Regional offices and FIRST response teams including video transmission capabilities while on the move.


OnSPOT antennas deploy and lock on the satellite at the touch of a button. Automated login into the QuickSpot satellite bandwidth on-demand service platform provides instant broadband IP connectivity ready to launch any IP application. OnSPOT broadband systems are capable of data rates up to 4.5 Mb/s to meet all tactical communications needs, such as voice lines (from 2 to 72 lines per mobile system), secure accelerated Internet access, wi-fi networking, video broadcasting and Webcasting. OnSPOT terminals are designed exclusively for use on the QuickSpot service network, a partnership between Intelsat and On Call Communications.


"In the most critical moments of a natural disaster or national emergency, FEMA has to know that it can depend on the smooth operation of emergency response communications networks," said James Gilbert, CEO, On Call Communications. "OnSPOT systems provide reliable communications services that let emergency personnel concentrate on taking care of the people while we take care of the communications. Using UDcast's UDgateway® we are able to meet FEMA's needs with a powerful and flexible tool that manages and controls the network, providing a high level of security without sacrificing quality or performance."


"In most cases during natural and manmade disasters, satellite communications is the only solution that enables the operations of a quick response communications infrastructure. Intelsat's support of the QuickSpot service is another example of how deploying our powerful satellite resources and teleport facilities meets the unique demands of the first responder and disaster recovery markets," said Alex Flores, Intelsat's senior product manager.


The efficient management of standard communication protocols over satellite links, providing the level of performance and security required by FEMA, is ensured by UDcast's UDgateway. UDgateway performs data and voice over encrypted IP, providing FEMA with an end-to-end virtual private network environment. A variety of protocol acceleration functions performed by the UDgateway provides high performance communication over two-way satellite connections.


"By choosing the UDgateway, On Call can offer the best in class satellite performance and security to its customers," said Antoine Clerget, vice president of engineering and co-founder of UDcast. "Our UDgateways integrate easily in all networking environments, including mobile applications. The proposed solution helps to manage recovery missions, saving lives of persons in danger and accelerating the reconstruction process in the damaged areas."


OnSPOT's QuickSpot dedicated satellite bandwidth service provides:

• Customer applications receive guaranteed data rates (non-shared)

• No quality degradation due to network congestion

• Economic savings by paying only for bandwidth used by the minute, day or month

• Nationwide satellite service network

• Compatibility with IP applications - video, data, voice, Internet

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About UDcast

UDcast is a leading provider of solutions enabling full IP over broadcast media, focusing on IPTV to the mobile DVB-H solutions as well as satellite-aware enterprise networking solutions. UDcast provides DVB-H standard compliant solutions for the delivery of IPTV to mobile devices. In addition, UDcast provides satellite aware IP appliances that bring terrestrial-like performances and security to broadband satellite links. UDcast's feature rich solutions enable satellite service providers to deliver revenue-generating value added services that meet enterprise needs. Founded in 2000, UDcast maintains its global headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France. For more information, visit


About Intelsat

Intelsat is the largest provider of fixed satellite services worldwide and is the leading provider of these services to each of the media, network services/telecom and government customer sectors, enabling people and businesses everywhere constant access to information and entertainment. Intelsat offers customers a greater business potential by providing them unrivaled resources with ease of business and peace of mind. Our services are utilized by an extensive customer base, including some of the world's leading media and communications companies, multinational corporations, Internet service providers and government/military organizations. Real-time, constant communication with people anywhere in the world is closer, by far.


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*Editor's Note: Comments from press conference with FEMA Director David Paulison, August 2006, Coral Gables, Fla.



WEAU-TV (Eau Claire, WI) Showcases their new QuickSPOT system to SBE Chapter December-16-2013 December-16-2013

Society of Broadcast Engineers Picnic featuring QuickSPOT SNG satellite system
On September 3rd, Todd Ritchie and Ron Viste of WEAU (Eau Claire, WI) hosted Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Chapter 112 of Western Wisconsin for their annual steak picnic, which provided a great opportunity for the station to showcase their new QuickSPOT vehicle.  

Tim Jackson from On Call Communications was on hand to describe the system and provide an overview of the On Call QuickSPOT product, which greatly simplifies the process and increases affordability for satellite news gathering.  SBE members representing other stations from the LaCrosse/Eau Claire DMA were able to see for the first time how a hybrid TVU/satellite on-demand system can increase news coverage capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a traditional satellite news gathering vehicle.Get reliable, dedicated  high speed satellite Internet uplinks anywhere with QuickSPOT  

“We are thrilled to have recently rolled out our new QuickSPOT vehicle and look forward to getting our news crews comfortable with the simplicity and flexibility of the hybrid TVU/satellite system.  We are the only station in the market that won’t be limited by cellular and microwave limitations,” says Ron Viste of WEAU.  

Society Broadcast Engineers learns how to use their bonded cellular backpack over an IP satellite linkOn Call’s Tim Jackson states, “we were pleased to be part of SBE Chapter 112’s meeting and to show others in the market the features, benefits and simplicity of the QuickSPOT system.  We’re proud to support WEAU as the market leader in the LaCrosse-Eau Claire market as they greatly expand their newsgathering capabilities.”

On Call Supports CBS News Teams Live in Haiti Using QuickSPOT Satellite News Gathering Systems June-15-2010

On Call Communications sprung into action again in support of CBS News in Haiti providing live and taped video feeds, internet access and phone lines for their news teams covering the earthquake using the QuickSPOT satellite news gathering system.


 CBS News In Haiti uses QuickSPOT satellite news gathering system



On Call used the very portable QuickSPOT 96 centimeter fly and drive satellite news gathering antenna to establish a high speed internet pipe which CBS News crews used for their video and communications needs. The system transmitted both live and edited standard definition MPEG-4 video feeds for the producers in addition to establishing a mobile office complete with direct dial in/out phone lines and wireless internet access for email, web browsing and corporate communications .